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Monday, June 25, 2012

Topography of a kitchen cabinet

Since we're going to rent out our house while we live in West Jordan, we're doing all that we can to finish projects and make it more inviting. It's one thing to live in a mess you've created yourself; it's another when the mess belongs to someone else.

One mess we needed to address was the kitchen cabinets. When we moved in, I took off the doors of the upper cabinets because they were ugly and I didn't want to refinish them. So we just had open shelving the last four years and it worked for us.

After spending a few hours cursing the doors by myself, Kev realized that I was probably going to give up if he didn't swoop in and help me. Even though it took him away from other things on his list... but that's just the kind of person he is. He can't let something get abandoned, or done poorly.

With his help (and the help of Aspen's three-hour nap) we made a lot of progress stripping 40 years of paint off the doors. Would you like to know how many layers of paint we counted? FIVE. There real kicker is that both the top and bottom layers were yellow. If someone could have just left them alone, those stupid cabinet doors could have been the same color yellow for 40 years instead of three different colors in between.

By Aspen's bedtime I was once again able to help Kev, and we finished stripping all seven of the doors and moved on to the drawer fronts. Home improvement is just not my idea of fun. I find nothing satisfying about hard work. Ha. Okay, really what I mean is I don't take pride in refinishing cabinet door fronts. Especially when I'm not going to live in the house anymore.

Next step: priming and painting them. Which I'm not technically allowed to do myself. So Emilie's mom has offered to tackle that task for us, and we'll see if we can get it done before we move.

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