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Thursday, June 28, 2012

An update regarding THE MOVE.

Today was moving day, and boy, what a day so far! I think we're officially the worst packers ever. Like, even after a couple of weeks of pre-packing, we still hadn't finished everything by the time we had the moving truck in our driveway at the Pink House. Oops!

But it's okay we didn't have everything packed because we rented a truck way too small to fit all our stuff. Double oops! It's actually funny because when we moved from our apartment into the Pink House, we rented a giant truck that made all our belongings look pitiful once loaded. So now we had the reverse problem.

Thankfully, Seth has a "dumpah" (aka dump truck/scrapper-hauler) that we can use for items we left behind. Obviously, we loaded the essentials on our first haul and when Kev commutes back up to Ogden to do projects on the house he'll bring things back with him. Realistically, we probably won't have the PH ready to rent out until August, so that should give us time to empty and clean it out.

But, y'know, when you make those kinds of plans, usually everything blows up in your face so we'll just play it by ear. Wee!!

Another highlight of moving day was me feeling like a sack of sick due to "female problems." By which I mean this morning my lady insides were literally melting out of my body bringing nausea, aches and general unpleasantries. It rendered me absolutely useless by about the third hour of loading the truck, and I eventually found myself lying on the floor of Aspen's empty room, willing myself not to throw up.

It was fun!

But let's start counting some blessings: Emilie's mom took Aspen at 9:30 this morning and kept her entertained until noon. It was so wonderful that she wasn't underfoot, or getting smashed by a bookcase or lost in the back of the truck. She was happy and well-fed and "Grandma Jan" said she pushed Aspen in a swing at the park for about 30 minutes. At which point she thought Aspen had entered into a swing coma and decided to switch up the activity a bit. I'm so grateful we had a pseudo-Grandma to love on Aspen and free us up to load the truck.

Additionally, another neighbor took Aspen's crib apart and kept me company while shuffling boxes around the house, getting them ready for some of our other helpers to put in the truck. Emilie also lent Yao to us, which was greatly appreciated since he'd worked until midnight and yet he still worked like a machine to haul ridiculously heavy furniture with Kev and Paul. And let's not forget Paul playing peek-a-boo with Aspen while I still tried to keep from throwing up.

We are so fortunate to have these wonderful friends who give up their time and energy to help us. I almost wish no one had helped so we could be mad at them and not feel sad about moving to WJ. Curse you, nice friends! Why can't you be jerks so it's easier to leave?!

I had to leave Paul and Kev to finish up their work since Aspen's nap time was fast-approaching and you know how I like me some napped Aspen! She and I drove to Seth's (where Aspen feels right at home) this afternoon around 1 so she could nap before we head to WJ to meet Kev. It worked out really well, especially since she was so worn out from her morning-of-fun- with Jan. And I was really relieved she slept because I needed to take a bottle of Excedrin and lay the heck down to prevent death by menstration (TMI? SORRY!).

So, while Aspen sleeps I'm trying not to freak out about the fact that KEV HASN'T EVEN SEEN THE HOUSE TO WHICH HE IS DRIVING A TRUCK FULL OF OUR STUFF. Did I mention that? Yeah... I saw the house two weeks ago with Aspen screaming like a banshee the entire time. Kev never got a chance to walk through it so he's flying blind this afternoon. I'm kind of glad I won' be there to see his face when he walks through it the first time. He'll probably shake his head at how badly I described it (I tried to draw pictures!). I would've taken photos of the house during my walk-through but, like I said, Aspen literally screamed in my face the entire time I was in the house. I also couldn't get the tape measure to unlock so I didn't get any measurements. I basically failed at house hunting in every way possible! Ha.

But it's all good. Once Aspen gets up from her nap we'll scrounge up some dinner at Seth's and then meet him and Kev at the WJ house (which will soon be receiving a proper nickname once we've lived there a little while). My first task upon arrival at the WJ house will be hanging Aspen's beloved pom poms in her new room. She's been asking for those stupid things since I packed them up. Who knew she loved them so much?!


  1. Oh, I am sorry. The only thing that helps me with my lady problems is Aleve. I have to take one on the day of every month. I would love a hysterectomy, but I don't think anyone will touch my lady insides due to my age and I have zero problems. Hopefully, one day soon since we are done having kids. I would love to be free of Aunt Flow. I hope all goes well in the WJ.

  2. seriously! Why is busy week always shark week?? You poor thing.


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