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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aspen, it's your birthday/Happy Birthday, Aspen

The night before Aspen's birthday, Kev and I stayed up late getting ready. Meaning, Kev watched "The Dark Knight" while I decorated the living/dining room. It was fun!

I wanted Aspen to wake up to a surprise, so I made rainbows and clouds to hang in the downstairs. She played with a rainbow tail and got to wear her birthday hat for as long as she wanted. She also watched a disgusting amount of TV while I sat with her on the couch. It was all she wanted to do!!

After nearly burning off her eyelashes with her birthday lunch, I finally hauled her out of the house so we could play at a park. We spent some time in the wind and the sun before I made the big two-year-old take a nap so I could bake her cupcakes. Which, upon sampling twice, I declared a success suitable for her consumption upon waking.

The only thing that could have made the day better? If Daddy had blown off work to spend it with us. But that's what the weekend party was for!


  1. You decorated your place so cute! I bet she loved it. You are such a good mom.

  2. So cute Livia. She's a little girl now, no more baby, sad but happy too. Oh, and your idea of using a big foot rest pushed up against the couch for a lounger seat rocks. I'm copying that someday for sure. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASPEN!!!!!


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