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Friday, July 13, 2012

It's like I'm in a SAHM isolation chamber.

Playing in a high-tech spaceship I made for her.
I'm still adjusting to being in West Jordan. It doesn't help that we're the only people on the street with a kid. This neighborhood can safely be called "transitional." Few people stay long since it's a low-income area.

I only made it to 20 minutes of Sacrament meeting with Aspen on Sunday. Kev was working in Ogden all weekend, and since church is at 1pm (NAP TIME) it was pretty difficult for me. I hoped I might meet someone there, but I spent the 20 minutes constantly averting others' eyes as I tried to shush Aspen and prevent her from crawling under my legs to escape our pew.

I looked up a lot of things online that we can do to help stay busy and cool in this heat. The Kearns Library did a sidewalk chalk event that Aspen enjoyed, but it was only about 10 minutes long. It didn't provide me with an opportunity to say hi to anyone, let alone start a conversation.

I know we just moved here, like, ten seconds ago... but I'm anxious to find an adult I could chat with when I'm tired of talking to Aspen about Caillou. I miss my Yoga classes as well; they were another outlet for grown-up interaction each week as well as a chance for Aspen to socialize with other children in the daycare.

The good thing about these little trials is that we're working through them to reach a great end goal. Kev will have lots of opportunity to advance in this new job, which will eventually offer him a real career as opposed to what he was doing in Ogden. We won't live in this sad rental for long, and we definitely won't live in West Jordan forever.


  1. Moving is so hard. It's easy to get settled into the house and get things set up the way you like them. It's hard to leave the comfortable and make new friends and such though.

  2. Still. you have a good attitude but I'm sure its crazy hard and feels a lot further than it is . You invested a lot of time in your 10 years in Ogden building friendships. something I've always admired about you is that you are fantastic at making and keeping great friendships. I have no doubt you will find some close buddies soon, and in the meantime, let's meet up in the next couple of weeks. Does pioneer week work ? Text me .

  3. I understand your pain. It is hard to be a SAHM when you don't really have an outlet or an adult to talk with. I hope that you can make some friends soon and I hope that Kev has Sunday's off so that they are not so difficult.

  4. The picture of Aspen playing in the box is too cute. I hope your able to make some friends soon, its always a hard thing

  5. I totally miss you at yoga too. Good for you for finding ways to get out of the house.


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