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Monday, July 02, 2012

Maybe things will look better on Tuesday.

This move has been hard for a number of reasons. I think the most difficult right now is our living situation.

Due to time constraints, and wanting to avoid a 2+ hour commute for Kev, we moved as quickly as possible. Almost too quickly. It seemed impossible to house-hunt with my schedule in Ogden, and I felt a lot of pressure to make a decision and get a lease signed around the same time Kev started working.

Also a problem was making sure that if we needed to we could afford to float the Pink House's mortgage in addition to our rent; which meant we really had a small budget to work with when it came to a rental. And we needed to keep Maddie, which added to our costs.

It has been so stressful, and now that we've moved I still feel overwhelmed. I hoped that some of the frustration would magically disappear after unpacking our things and getting settled. But as I discover one thing after another about our new place that totally sucks, I find myself questioning our decision.

To an extent, I know that's normal. In just three weeks' time Kev accepted a job and we moved for it. That's a lot of change to process in less than a month. And it's really hard to go from our own home to a rental. It's harder still that the rental is a step back when it comes to conveniences. For those of you who have been in the Pink House, you know it's pretty modest; it's such a petite house that I can vacuum almost the entire thing while plugged into the same electrical outlet. It doesn't have stainless appliances or AC. The garage door isn't automatic and there isn't a sprinkler system. The kitchen boasted about 2 feet of counter space and we just barely installed a dishwasher last Thanksgiving.

With that in mind, I didn't think I had such high expectations when it came to our living arrangements. But giving up even the littlest things (like access to the backyard/garage from the inside of the house) has been an adjustment.

I keep trying to look on the bright side, but right now it's too hard. I know we're blessed to have the privacy and space of a twin home verses an apartment, but I'm still at a point where that's the only benefit I can really appreciate.

One thing's for sure- I need to rent a carpet cleaner and get the freakin smell out of our living/dining room.


  1. Moving is hard. I think that no matter what place you get it's hard. I'm still unpacking and we've been here for two weeks.

  2. I am sorry. Sounds like you need a few minutes to cry. That always makes me feel a bit better. Just let it out and aah. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

  3. I'm sorry it is so hard. Moving and adjusting is hard, and then to have all the troubles you have been having on top of it, that must be rough. I hope things start looking better soon.

  4. hilarious. i mean, also very frustrating. but hilarious because i totally relate. i often tell richard i'm glad that i can vacuum the entire house with the vacuum plugged into one outlet and our house smelled SO BAD when me moved in that it was painful to be in there (especially in the heat of july yuck.). i feel for you - totally do. its okay to be frustrated. your current situation isn't permanent!! hooray for that (: im stuck in this "vacuum the whoel place with one outlet" house. ug.


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