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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My story becomes OUR story

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I immediately recognized Kev from his days as a DJ at Weber. He had been on campus my freshman year, and he even dated a girl in my building, with whom I also had a psych class. The day we officially met on the Waterfall hike I told him I knew him from school. I don't know if he was freaked out or impressed that I remembered him after all those years. But seriously, he was hot, so of course I did.

From that day, we would get together with the friends we had in common and get to know each other. He had a lot of things going for him. 1) he was hot; 2) he was LDS; 3) he wasn't using me to talk about other girls he liked; 4) he didn't play games.

Number 4 might be the most important reason why our relationship worked so well. From the start, we were straightforward. It was weird to feel so compatible so soon, but it's just how we worked out. After just a couple of weeks of hanging out as friends, we sat on some swings and talked about how we wanted to date each other, and only each other. All my wildest dreams were coming true! A boy was telling me he wanted to date me and he hadn't even kissed me yet! Hallelujah! Well, yeah, after that talk Kev did actually kiss me on the playground, but it was just more appropriate than a handshake, y'know?

The next semester was spent working and going to school and trying to see Kev every minute in between. I was busy trying to make a name for myself in my job, and trying to get a 4.0 because good grades were another addiction of mine (did I not mention that while I was chasing boys I was also chasing a ridiculous GPA?). When Kev proposed at the end of December I figured my life was finally complete.

And then I had to get a third job, take a huge course-load and plan a wedding during spring semester. Which translates to I HATED MY LIFE. Planning a wedding is probably the most ridiculous thing ever and I felt like it was such a waste of my time. I just wanted to be married without all the complications that a wedding/reception brings.

Instead, I did something like go to school 8-12, then work at my office job from 12:30-5, then work as a hostess from 5:30-11, then go to Kev's house (the nights I wasn't on call in the dorms) and sit on his bed, crying into my French homework Oh, the inhumanity of it all!


  1. It's so neat how when it is right, it just works. you guys are great!!

  2. Catching up on your story! I had to post a comment on this one because me and Clint had "the talk" (I only want to date you) on swings too! AWE! That brought me back


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