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Monday, July 09, 2012

My story, part IX

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A common thread in three of my relationships is my friend Jon. He's from Colorado, and he owns a house in Ogden. We met on campus and I dated three of his friends. First Rory, then Ray and, finally, Kev.

Before Kev though, there was Alex. We didn't date, but we became friends the summer after Ray and I broke up. At some function or another we met since he was also living at Jon's house. We spent our days emailing while at work, and would get together with our various friends in the evenings. Yes, I thought he was gorgeous. But he did not seem at all interested in me. He's probably the first unattainable guy that I didn't let myself fall in love with. Because, remember, I was TOTALLY DONE WITH DATING. Yeah. I was.

Alex and I made plans to hike Waterfall Canyon one night. We each said we'd get some other people together and meet at the trail head. Guess who he brought. GO ON, JUST GUESS.

He brought his housemate, Kev.


  1. So funny that Kev lived with Jon. My husband lived there as well. Jon and Rebecka are in our ward. Really neat people!
    How long ago did Kev live there?

  2. I think Kev lived at Jon's from spring 2005 until sometime in early 2006... or it might have been late 2005. So, not very long. But I've known Jon since 2002. It's such a small world!

  3. my hubby moved there in May 2006, just shortly before we met. It is a small world.


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