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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our story continues

Planning a wedding was seriously the furthest thing from my mind. My main concern was having $23 in my checking account and not knowing how to pay for what my scholarship didn't cover. And buy food. So I got another job a few days after Kev proposed (I was already a Resident Assistant, and was working in the Housing office 20-30 hours a week on top of that, and I tutored students on campus).

A friend recommended me to her boss at The Olive Garden, so I was hired as a hostess there in January 2006. I was stretched way too thin. All I wanted was for Kev to visit me whenever I was on duty in the dorms (nights/weekends) because I didn't think I'd see him otherwise. My schedule made me a crazy person. I actually get exhausted just reading my journal entries that detailed what I had to finish every day in order to feel like I was staying ahead with my schooling and work.

I got to the point I seriously tried to convince Kev to elope after the semester ended. I didn't want to shop for a dress, I didn't want to pick wedding colors, I didn't want to research photographers/venues/music/flowers or anything. I literally just wanted to be married. I wanted one less thing to worry about. And skipping a wedding seemed like it should be that thing.

Kev, however, was concerned about what his family would think. He figured they'd be really hurt and disappointed if we just did a private sealing in the LDS Temple without inviting them. I knew my mom would understand because that's pretty much exactly what she did when she married my step dad. Also, she didn't want me to get married anyway, so why not just go for it? I figured that as long as I got married in the Temple she'd eventually accept it. And she could save eleventy billion dollars if she didn't have to fly to Utah with my step dad and sister for a wedding/reception.

Eventually, I just did everything I didn't want to do. I made all the legal and church arrangements for our sealing and then planned a casual outdoor reception at a local park. I put my foot down and vetoed a wedding dress/luncheon/dinner/anything formal and was like, DEAL WITH IT, PEOPLE.

So, in the end, everything worked out. I survived the semester. I was able to cut back and only work two jobs. Kev and I got married. We ran away after the sealing and had lunch all by ourselves. We had a low-key gathering at a park. We went to San Francisco on our honeymoon. And then we went back to normal and I took the summer off from school so we could just work and take road trips to Bear Lake, Zion National Park and anywhere else that tickled our fancies.

It. Was. The. Best.


  1. Sounds perfect and amazing. I too am sharing our story of how we work after much thought. So many people have asked about how we survive as a couple with different views I thought I could share our story too. You inspired me.

  2. I love that both of you are sharing your stories. I'm glad you stuck to your guns about some of what you wanted. Wedding are stressful, esp. when everyone wants you to do what they want.


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