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Friday, July 27, 2012

Penny for your thoughts, month 24



The last month we've had quite an adventure. We moved from our home in Ogden to a new rental in West Jordan. We psyched you up for a few days about the NEW HOUSE!! and you've adjusted awesomely. I was afraid you'd ask every single day to go back to the old house and to see certain friends, but it's sporadic that you question their whereabouts.

I've enjoyed watching you develop a love for dancing, and every week we take time to put some music on and dance around your room. You also insist on dancing in circles during the Caillou theme song, and you love to run around the coffee table when your toy blender plays music. I also love hearing you sing your favorite songs, even when it's over the baby monitor when you're supposed to be napping. You often request The Itsy Bitsy Spider and you sing the ABCs constantly. Whenever we see big letters somewhere, you immediately yell "ABCs!!" and start singing. It's too adorable.

You're developing empathy for others as well; I often refrain from encouraging you to share because I like seeing you understand why you share. When you see a friend is sad because they don't have a toy or a snack, you've learned that you can make them happy by sharing. And if someone gets hurt, you always want to offer your Tinkerbell blanket or puppy to make it better.

Speaking of puppy, he is new to our family! We went to IKEA this month and I showed you the stuffed animals for a few minutes. When it was time to leave, you walked over to our cart with a Dalmatian plush and looked at me slyly while putting it in the cart. It was the first time you've ever done that, and probably the last I will give in. After I got you in the cart and handed you puppy to hold, I asked you what his name is going to be. You looked at me for a minute and I could see the wheels turning in your head. You took another look at puppy and then, with a huge smile on your face, you declared his name is Spots.

I don't know why such a small thing gave me a thrill, but it did. I love to see you learning and pretending and growing. Now I like to go around the house and ask you the names of your other toys. You're so clever and it's so fun.

You're also repeating more of the phrases I regularly use, like "That's silly!" and "Good idea!" One I don't like is "GO AWAY!" which you yell when you're done being teased by me or Daddy, or when Maddie is getting too close to your snacks or toys. I love to hear you say "Excuse me" and "How 'bout dis?" on a daily basis. Everything sounds so much cuter coming from a 2-year-old.

Other things you're doing lately include stalling before bedtime. You've started requesting that we read stories on MY bed instead of in your room. You ask for one more drink of water and for dancing to your lullaby songs to put off going to bed. But don't worry, I just start getting you ready for bed earlier to compensate! Mama is so smart.

At this age, your knowledge of the world around you is astounding. We were playing blocks recently and you asked "Where's the diamond?" Like it's the most normal thing in the world for a 2-year-old to inquire. WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT? Ok, so I'm pretty sure I taught you that, but I'm always surprised at what you retain. You also like to occasionally check in and let me know that Daddy is at work, Seth is at work, and Maddie is not at Seth's house. It's like, you remember the times Maddie has actually been at Seth's, but you want me to know she is no longer there. You also let me know what is still "at Ogden," or what Maddie ate (which translates into something being lost, so you decide it's either in Ogden or has been eaten by the dog).

You count to 14, know your colors and you like to force your fingers to copy the signs for the ABCs. It's one of my favorite activities, helping you manipulate your hands to learn new signs. Your favorite toy is a set of stacking, wooden rings Seth gave us before you were born, and sometimes you sleep with them. You recently tired of every. single. book. we own and we made a trip to DI in WJ so I could pick up a few new ones for us to read a hundred times a day.

We've gone on lots of adventures since moving to WJ, and I'm glad you've been so patient while I try to find my way around a new city. We learned that the Kearns Library is pretty lame, whereas the brand-new WJ Library is amazing (and of course, it's a lot farther from our house). We checked out the Herriman splash pad and we've taken bike rides in the new neighborhood. Every day we play outside, and hopefully we'll make some new friends in our neighborhood soon.

Because we're in a new place this year, for your birthday we're keeping it very low-key. I know you won't mind having a small group of friends over as long as there's cake and a birthday hat. Just know that Daddy and I are trying to do everything we can to make a good life for you, and to make you feel loved every day.

Again, Happy Birthday little Pen. We love you.



  1. What a smart little 2 year old! Crap! It sounds like she's so much more advanced in her speech than Makai is. PS it's been so fun to have a friend with a kid so close in age to mine. :) Happy birthday Aspen!

  2. She's adorable. Love the eyes.

    You really have a talker on your hands, right? Either that, or my 27-month-old nephew is pretty behind. Although he does say "How bout dis?" too, which is adorable. (I might not be one to talk about this because I'm told that I didn't start talking until I was nearly 3, but it was in complete sentences, so I was obviously picking SOMETHING up. Just being stubborn about verbalizing anything.)

  3. She talks more than any 2-year-old I've ever met.

    Like you, Em, my younger brother didn't start talking til 3 years, and then it was full sentences. It's amazing how different kids are!


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