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Friday, July 06, 2012

Retail therapy is a real thing.

Want some good news related to moving from Ogden to West Jordan? Okay!

Kev dumped all his tools behind the couch in the living room of the PH the day he had to empty his work van. So he scooted the couch around and made room for that lovely pile of mess.

In the process, he found a wrapped Christmas present addressed to me under the couch. It was literally Christmas in July, people! I opened that up faster than a snowman melts in summer and found a $50 gift card to GAP from my parents. FIFTY DOLLARS FOR GAP. It was just the reward I needed after laboring over those stupid kitchen cabinets forever.

I went to GAP about ten seconds after Kev found that gift card and I spent it all on neon skinny jeans. Yes. Neon skinny jeans. Of the pink and orange variety. I kid you  not, while browsing through the store I literally said "YEA!" when I turned a corner and saw the neon jeans hanging from the clearance rack. A dream come true.


  1. You looks great! I love the neon skinny jeans. Now if I could just find some money lying around somewhere I to would be out the door in a jiffy.

  2. Sweet, Christmas in July!!! You do look great in the neon skinny jeans, I couldnt pull them off.

  3. That is so awesome! I need to find me one of those presents. Those look super cute on you.


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