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Friday, July 20, 2012

Still adjusting.

Since attending church at 1pm is out of the question for me and Aspen (Kev spends his weekends working on the Pink House in Ogden), I decided we'd check out the ward at 11am. It's the time we used to attend church in Ogden, and it allows us to get home for a quick snack and then put Aspen down for a nap around 2:30. Everyone is a lot happier when Aspen gets a nap in the afternoons. Especially me.

The 11am ward meets in the same building as my assigned ward, so that's really convenient. I knew I'd probably run into a little trouble if people asked me where I live, but really... sometimes you can't dictate church attendance by ward boundaries alone.

Aspen put on quite a cute show during Sacrament and I felt really good about her making it through two hours in nursery without me. When I dropped her off and introduced her to the nursery leaders she had no trouble saying goodbye to me and playing with puzzles.

A couple of people introduced themselves to me, but it wasn't until Relief Society that someone suggested I go to my assigned ward instead. I get that there are "rules" and logistics to wards. I do. But what I needed that Relief Society president to understand was that I was not going to fight with a two-year-old through Sacrament every week for the next six months. I told her that right now, 1pm church is not an option for me and my daughter.

Then I looked around at the SIX OTHER WOMEN in the room and thought it was weird they weren't begging me to stay in their ward. Not that I'm extra-amazing or anything, but y'know, just to have another warm body present.

Please let it also be noted that while I was dropping Aspen off in nursery, I watched no less than two children escape and run down the hall screaming. What was my child doing, you ask? BEING ANGELIC.

I don't need this ward to officially accept my records; I just need this ward to let me show up with my daughter and attend my meetings. It would also be nice if someone would say hi to me and maybe invite me and Aspen to have a play-date.


  1. I'm sorry she didn't understand. Maybe she is just obligated to say that being the RS President. Oh well, you wont be in that ward or even your actual ward for very long. You could always come up to Ogden with Kevin and hang out with friends up here and go to your old ward that you are all comfortable with. :)

  2. You ARE extra-amazing, and they should be thrilled to have a young, good exampled-mother like yourself. The LDS community came to Utah seeking religious freedom and you should have the freedom to attend this ward if it works better for you. Keep going until they lock you out. :)

  3. apparently they don't understand that it sucks going to church with a kid ALL BY YOURSELF and that going at 1 pm sucks even when the parent ratio is 2:1. do whatever you have to do to just make it through church until Kev can be there with you (:

  4. They should understand, seriously you are making an effort to at least go. Some people might just say to heck with it & not even go jeez! I hope they are more friendly to you & you do get invited to some play dates :)

  5. Our Savior is just happy that you show up. I don't think he cares whether you attend the assigned building, ward time, but he cares only that you are there to enlighten your soul. I would not worry to much about that, but the fact that you are trying to attend. No one knows just how difficult it is to attend church with a child and no spouse unless they too have done so. Go when you can and you will be blessed.

  6. Me. Reading your blog. O.o

    Then there's me reading this post and tearing up because i've read this far and i too have come to the conclusion that yes, you ARE extra-amazing : )

    Now you have that on the good authority of a complete and utter stranger so take that to this unassigned ward of yours! Maybe a good old fashioned petition is in order here lol


    dearydarling on the dotty line


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