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Monday, July 23, 2012

Striking out left and right.

I usually take Maddie to the vet once a year. This year, however, the timing of her visit coincided with our move. And since I had such a horrible experience during her last check up at the vet in Ogden, I figured I'd just find a new one in WJ and hope for the best.

So I made the call and told the receptionist Maddie is due for her yearly check up and some vaccinations. I also told her I needed a new HeartGuard prescription. I told her the name and location of Maddie's previous vet and the receptionist said they'd call to have Maddie's records transferred.

Kev has been working 12-hour days for his new job, and then spending all weekend in Ogden to fix up the Pink House so we can sell it as soon as possible. That means I basically parent all by myself every day and have to do hard things with Aspen in tow. With that in mind, I went ahead and scheduled the vet visit for first-thing in the morning on a Wednesday. I knew it'd be risky, but I figured that since the vet is actually in Petsmart, I could reward Aspen with a visit to the fish, birds and cats in the adoption center.

Somehow, even though we were the very first appointment of the day, we had to wait forever. And Maddie totally knocked Aspen over on the tile floor more times than I can count. Aspen also froze in terror when I tried to guide her and Maddie into the exam room. No amount of reassurance could convince Aspen that the dog doctor wasn't even going to look at her, let alone touch her.

To add to the insanity, this new vet hadn't yet contacted Maddie's previous vet for her records. So they had no idea what vaccinations Maddie needed during our visit. Awesome.

Meanwhile, Aspen is crying on the bench behind me while I hold Maddie still on the exam table and check her tags for the vaccine info. The vet tech leaves about 100 times to go talk to the actual vet about what we can do without information from Maddie's old clinic (which didn't pick up the phone when called, nor did they have an answering service).

When we finally finished the visit, I asked if the receptionist was going to supply the HeartGuard. The vet tech said in order to get that renewed, Maddie would need the exam since we didn't have any records from her old clinic about the prescription. It was at this point I told the vet she had to be kidding me. I specified when making the appointment that I needed to have this prescription. They should have taken the week between the phone call and the actual appointment to get the information from the clinic in Ogden. The vet tech asked if I wanted to stay for the exam or make another appointment. I told her I was not coming back, and I definitely wasn't going to stay another second at this appointment.

Also? Yes, my dog has a weird toenail. She doesn't notice that she has a weird toenail, and I don't know what caused it because I adopted her from a shelter and am not her original owner. LET'S STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.


  1. Dude. Redwood Veterinary Clinic. It's not in a Petsmart and it doesn't look pretty from the outside, but we like them a lot. Give it a shot.

  2. I am so sorry. I completely understand the parenting alone. Andrew is so busy with work, school and clinicals that days have gone by where we just say hi and goodbye or good night. It is hard to have two kids and try to do it all alone. I hope it gets easier for you or a friend comes along that can help with Aspen when it comes to appointments such as this. :)

  3. thanks for your comment, liv! i do hope it gets better, for both our sakes! i'm sure it does. i can't believe how grown up your little aspen is, wow! what a beauty! also, i see you have blogher ads. . .i've been thinking of applying (and trying to get myself to post a little more regularly.) would you be able to tell me what you think about it when you find a minute? thank you!!! (katehalewilson

  4. I took my cats — one at a time because the first time I tried to take both, one got out of the carrier and ran out the open garage door — to the vet last year, and it might have been the most traumatic experience of the last year. And I didn't even have at toddler with me. So, I am sorry you had to do that. It sounds horrible.


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