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Monday, July 30, 2012

The 2 years that changed me the most.

Newborn Aspen with hippo, and 2-year-old Aspen with hippo.
On SueAnn's recommendation, I took Aspen to Fotofly in Draper and got her 2-year pictures taken. It was a little hectic in the studio with the photographers all working on different families in such a small space, but it was worth the hassle of shuffling around so much.

I told our photographer not to stress about perfect, smiley photos. We don't do that in our family. I love candid shots that show Aspen's real personality, and since we don't regularly take professional photos, or force Aspen to say "CHEESE" whenever I pull out the camera, I wasn't sure how she'd do with someone pestering her to constantly smile.

She did a wonderful job capturing both candid and smiley shots and I'm so happy with so many of the photos. I love to see the regular, crazy faces Aspen always makes, like sticking out her tongue or biting her lip or putting her fingers in her mouth. Those are the faces I need to remember; not just the cheesy grin.

And, of course, no official photo shoot would be complete without hippo. For the first year of Aspen's life, I took a photo of her each month with hippo to show her growth. I hope she'll let me photograph her with it on the day she leaves for college.


  1. I love the photos. I too am more of a candid lover. I like the posed photos, but I too want to remember my boys and their little faces that show their true colors.

  2. Those are adorable photos, so worth it!

  3. Love these pictures, she is so dang cute Liv!


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