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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We went to IKEA and I didn't die.

Can we talk for a minute about the carpets in our rental? How about this- they weren't even VACUUMED before we moved in. Kev showed up with the moving truck and a few friends and one of them went right to work vacuuming up as much 3-inch-long cat hair as she could before hauling in boxes and furniture.

Additionally, the cat seems to have had some problems not pooping everywhere. Specifically in the corner of the "dining room." It. Is. Disgusting. The smell... oh the smell. It is horrid. It's like walking into a litter box that has never been cleaned. Ever.

I borrowed a carpet cleaner from a friend and did my best to eradicate the funk. Unfortunately, after going over the most offensive spots multiple times, the house now smells of a wet, poop-filled litter box.

So I bought a rug to make myself feel better. It's not in the majorly-smelly dining area (because I don't care if the already disgusting carpet gets a little more disgusting with Aspen's help). Instead, it's making the living space feel better under my feet.

At least I've gone over the carpets with soap, y'know? So while they may still stink to high heaven, at least I can tell myself they're sanitized. Aspen and I spent a couple of hours at IKEA on Saturday and while I kind of had rugs in the back of my mind, it wasn't until I was almost done with my shopping (for Aspen's birthday!) that I spotted this $20 rug. Being so inexpensive, I couldn't pass it up. I almost got two because it's such a versatile color and print. But I talked myself out of that and bought Kev some cinnamon buns instead.

The carpets at the Pink House were professionally cleaned right after we moved out (thanks to a great Groupon) and I'm kicking myself that we didn't get the rental cleaned with the money we saved. Actually, I should be kicking our landlord, right?!

Oh well. You get what you pay for and at least we don't have to live here forever. I'll just hand out nose-plugs when guests come over. Because seriously. The smell is that bad.


  1. Get some febreze and spray the carpet with them every day, for several days. You may have to soak it several times, but it will eventually neutralize the odor.

  2. Ooooo I love the rug. $20 you say?!?!? hmmmmmmm.

  3. The febreeze is going in full-force this week! I hadn't thought it actually would neutralize... but then again, I haven't concentrated it on one area in earnest. My efforts are renewed!

    And yes, the rug is $20 and I saw it in red as well. But the grey is an awesome neutral.

  4. in addition to the febreez, i recommend doing baking soda too. but you're probably already doing that, so don't mind me ;) good luck!

    also, cute rug :)

  5. i have that same rug!! i got it a few months ago because i really wanted a rug but didn't want to have to pay an arm + a leg for one, and voila! ikea to the rescue! it looks so great with your red couch!!

  6. I have never had a cat nor smelled the horrendous smell you speak of. However, I think I just did through the detail. Um, gross! :) My sweet little friend has that rug in her boys nursery. Love it!

  7. Go to a janitorial supply store and get an item called enzyme's for any organic material (I.e. Gross stuff that comes from living things!) It is AMAZING for neutralizing odors. Plus it's great to have around for when your little one pukes all over. This stuff has saved me many times! I've also heard Nature's Miracle is good too, but have not used it.

  8. Not bad. The rag is rad but my eyes are glued on that red couch! Did you buy that from IKEA as well? I'm actually looking for Perth furniture removals services. Let me know if you have suggestions.


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