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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beat the heat

Because of my severe lactose-intolerance (and my bad reaction to Lactaid) I've had to GIVE UP ICE CREAM. It is one of the most tragic things to ever happen to me in my entire life. While still living in Ogden, it wasn't so bad because Smith's had a really great variety of lactose-free desserts. I could choose different coconut-milk based "ice creams" every couple of weeks and feel like I was somehow filling the void.

But now we live in West Jordan and I have yet to figure out which stores have the best dairy-free options for me. Target rewarded me with DELICIOUS fake butter, but so far I'm striking out when it comes to desserts. Wal-Mart only has one flavor of dairy-free ice cream, and while it is chocolate and delicious, I tire of it quickly. It might not be such a big deal if this weren't the hottest summer ever in the history of summers, right?

"I want more choc-late ice keeam!!"
So I've been making batches of banana-based "ice cream" to enjoy with Aspen. I can't keep up with demand, obviously. At least I don't feel guilty giving her this treat because it is technically a banana covered in PB with a splash of cocoa. SUPER HEALTHY.

If she wants to think it's ice cream, well, then, yeah. She can. Next batch I'm going to add in coconut milk (leftover from making fake whipped cream with coconut fat) and see how tropical we can get up in here. It's frustrating to have to go to so much work to enjoy a cold, delicious treat on a hot afternoon, but it's better than going without. I'll tell ya, it's pretty depressing to watch your toddler enjoy real ice cream while you just drink a glass of ice water. MMMMM, YUM.