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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I can do hard things!

I've never expressly been told not to paint. But there was the time we were painting our master bedroom in the PH and Kev kindly asked me to leave so he could finish. I just, I dunno, I get so nervous about messing it up that I constantly do mess up and things escalate from there.

In the WJ rental, we have the opportunity to do some small improvements and get a discount on our rent (with prior approval, of course). So when we got the new floor in the kitchen/dining, we also got paint for the downstairs laundry/bathroom (which is adjacent to the kitchen).

Remember how we got the floor about two weeks ago? Yeah. Since then, the new bathroom vanity has been sitting in my dining room, and the old toilet is long-gone. So we've been without a downstairs bath while the walls have waited for paint.

Kev not only works a lot, but he had an emergency dental situation this week. So he's been stretched extra-thin lately. I've been wanting to tackle the paint situation myself, but a little voice in the back of my head kept screaming DON'T DO IT YOU'LL GET IN TROUBLE!!

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. Without permission, I started prepping the laundry room with painter's tape while Aspen watched Caillou. When she went to her room for a nap in the afternoon, I spent 2 hours cutting in and painting the whole room. My hand was literally shaking as I applied the first few swipes of paint in the corners and along the ceiling. I kept expecting Kev to randomly come home and ground me.

But as I continued my work, I realized that I could totally do it. Yes, I swore a little when I moved the dryer out of the room and knocked the full trashcan and its contents onto the kitchen floor. Yes, I did get one microscopic drop of paint on the floor and one spec on the ceiling. But guess what? After one coat, that room looked pretty dang good.

Mostly, I felt good that I was actually contributing something. Not having a job right now makes me feel like a total free-loader. I was so happy to do something for Kev that he was planning to do himself.

I just wish I didn't still have to do a second coat.


  1. Never be afraid of painting! I can barely name a surface in this house I haven't randomly attacked with a paint brush, and it almost always works out brilliantly. I LOVE to paint. It's all totally fixable, too, unless you spill paint on carpeting.


    I have (luckily) avoided that sort of drama in this house, but I did spill an entire can on this hideous carpet my parents used to have in their house.

  2. Good for you Liv! Im sure it looks great!! Shad bans me from painting, our first two houses were fixer uppers. Second house we didnt have all the help like we did with our first one since it was right before we got married. But I had to paint all the upstairs & got sloppy. I didnt take switch plates off & I cant even remember taping things off.


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