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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Liberty Park isn't just for the 99%

Initially, I was going to be really brave and meet SueAnn and Kev at Liberty Park (her Kev, not mine) all by myself with Aspen. I committed to shoveling dinner down Aspen's throat really quickly at home so we could make it in time to enjoy the $1 rides at the park with them

But then my Kev let me know he'd be getting off work before the sun went down so we pushed back our departure and met our friends a tad bit later than planned. I'm still adjusting to finding my way around SLC (I've NEVER driven that city myself before) so I'm glad we made it before Milo exploded from waiting so long for us.

When I saw the rides, I honestly didn't believe Aspen would enjoy them. I thought she'd start crying the minute Kev strapped her into the tiger airplane. She got a little visibly nervous, but when it started up, she yelled "IT MOVES!!" From there she was totally sold on riding the planes and the cars until the tickets ran out.

When we were done with the rides (which are $1/each on Monday nights) we strolled to the playground and let the kids run off a little more of their energy before calling it a night. Aspen has been staying up and out later than usual lately, and she's amazed when it gets dark outside. She'll repeat over and over "it's dark? it's dark!" until I somehow explain to her that yes, at night it gets dark and that's why we go to bed.

I have a firm belief in schedules, and how they help us avoid meltdowns (both from Aspen and myself) but as summer winds down, I'm throwing caution to the wind and getting a little lax on bedtime. I mean, we still have our routine, but I'm finding that Aspen is less insistent on sleeping in MY bed when she's had a day and night full of activity.

Having Daddy home sure helps a lot, too.

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