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Monday, August 13, 2012

Movin' on up

You may recall that when we first moved into the WJ rental, the carpets hadn't even been vacuumed, let alone cleaned. And the previous tenants had a cat. A cat, who, apparently, sucked at using its litter box. So... I guess that meant the corner of the dining room was a toilet? I mean, it's the only explanation for why it smelled so horrendous. And why my brother's dog TRIED TO ROLL IN IT.

Yes, Maddie is climbing through the window from the backyard. She didn't know I was still in the room and she thought she'd be sneaky and get back into the house without my help. Yes, those are the decorations from Aspen's birthday which will probably stay up until we move out.

The kitchen is pretty horrible, what with the fridge that constantly leaks puddles on the floor and the family of ants that live under the cupboards. But, y'know, whatever. It has a dishwasher.

Kev (and sometimes I) spent a few hours last Monday night prepping the downstairs for new vinyl. Huge thanks to my brother, Seth, who helped put the pressure on our landlord/friend to bite the bullet and replace the cat toilet in our dining room. After Kev pulled up the carpet and cleaned the cement underneath, he actually sprayed primer to help seal up the stink smell forever and ever. And I threw up in my mouth a little bit when we hauled the SATURATED carpet/pad to the trash can. 

While it was slightly inconvenient to keep Aspen upstairs with me almost the entire day while the vinyl was installed, I'd do it for a week straight if it meant getting rid of the smell in our downstairs. I was actually grateful for the smell of adhesive when it was going down because it meant I could no longer detect the foul odor that greeted us when we moved in.

I was so excited when it was finished that I decided to sweep and mop the new floor instead of taking a nap (which I desperately wanted). I have never been so happy to clean a floor before. Also, with the new floors we got a new bathroom vanity (in the downstairs half bath) which is awesome because the old one was literally rotting away. When Kev and I hauled it out of the house, pieces of it broke right off when it bumped into the stairs (because I'm a weakling and couldn't lift it high enough).

Of course, besides getting rid of the stink, I'm super-excited about the vinyl because I will no longer have to clean Aspen's food out of carpet. Only a man would design a home in which the dining area is carpeted. Let that be a lesson to you, men-who-will-someday-design-homes. NO CARPET IN THE DINING AREA.

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