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Monday, August 06, 2012

Our story continues -- Honeymoon in San Francisco

Ever since our Honeymoon in SF, I've wanted to go back. We booked a 5-day stay in the Financial District, which meant we could easily walk to the piers, China Town, and other sights. The weather was perfect, and the hotel was so fancy. We were living in the dorms for free due to my job, so basically, accommodations newer than 1970 were a special treat. I remember telling the airport cab driver specifically that we weren't in the Hilton downtown, but the one in the Financial District; I feared being dropped off at the wrong hotel and having to wander around with our luggage to find the right one. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. So we got to the wrong Hilton and I was like, dude, this isn't right. Where's China Town?! We did end up hauling our luggage through hilly SF to the correct hotel so we could finally get settled and start the fun.

We didn't rent a car, we didn't go to any attractions, and we didn't have a schedule. We just walked around, ate, took photos, slept, and then did it all again the next day.

The only frustrating part of the trip was observing the Sabbath; by that I mean it was so hard to walk around SF and smell all that delicious food and decide not to spend money and dine out. Instead, we had prepared for Sunday by purchasing a lot of food and drinks from Walgreens the day before so we could eat on Sunday without breaking the Sabbath. I still remember smelling some amazing hamburgers on the pier and wanting to eat one SO BADLY. It's okay though. Our store-bought bagels were super delicious (ha!).

I look at these photos and can't believe how young we look. Also, I still have that blue top and wore it two weeks ago to church. I wish I'd kept those skinny jeans, though! I bought them from GAP while in SF and then decided they made me look fat. I must have been on drugs or something because THEY LOOKED AWESOME.

We got married on a Wednesday and I was back to work the next Tuesday. Total reality check! Sometimes I wish we could have afforded a longer trip, but it's all good. At least we got to take one, period. And thank goodness the pregnancy scare I suffered the following week turned out alright. Ha! Funny! But seriously. NO. It wasn't funny. I still had a year left of school and was not ready for a baby.

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