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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So I will remember.

Aspen and I spent a Friday in Ogden with Emilie and Yao. I had a wedding reception to attend that night, so I planned a whole day of doing nothing with our friends to make the most of the drive up.

Aspen didn't take a nap, but it didn't stop me and Emilie from keeping her locked up in the guest room for a couple of hours while the grown-ups chatted downstairs. Aspen's really good about having "a rest" during the day, so sometimes we let a day or two go by without an actual nap.

We were lucky that Kev got off work early in Sandy and met us up in Ogden around dinner time. We went simple and picked up fast-food to eat picnic style in the backyard of the Pink House. After our meal, we visited with friends at the reception and then headed back to the PH to pack up and go our separate ways.

It's always so hard for me to drive away from the Pink House. It was especially hard to drive away while Kev stood in the driveway, waving goodbye. I want our weekends back. I want our Pink House back. I want Ogden back.

Kev is still spending all his weekends at the PH, laying new flooring, installing window trim, caring for the lawn, and prepping for paint. He installed a new kitchen sink, painted the kitchen counters, and assembled the freshly-painted cabinet doors as well. I miss having him around so much more than I can explain. It's not just that I need help with Aspen; I need to be able to talk with him too. To touch base about everyday things and just hear about his day. I need to tell him the funny things I watch Aspen do each day, and I need him home to motivate me to actually cook dinner.

On the drive back to West Jordan, Aspen read her books and drew on her magna-doodle in the dark. I initiated conversation with her to keep her occupied and asked her about her day. She told me "I luf Daddy! He is so nice!" I immediately called Kev to tell him what his daughter said about him. He deserves to hear that a lot more often, and I wish he could hear it straight from Aspen.

We're both making huge sacrifices right now, and it's weird that Kev and I are living separate lives. I look forward to the day when we can be together again.


  1. Ugh, I'm sure that's so hard on you and probably even harder on him. This too shall pass someday... hopefully soon! Stay strong my friend you're doing a beautiful job with Aspen.

  2. I am so sorry. That has to be so hard. No husband when you have one is not fun at all. I hope your house sells super fast so it can all be done and over with. You are one tough lady.


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