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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some highlights of last week

Kev told me I'm doing a "bang up job" with Aspen.

Kev's boss told him not to get burned out working too much, and reminded him not to let HIS WIFE get burned out either. So we're going to plan a family day in September.

I was talking to Aspen about her Daddy and asked her what she likes about him. She said "he's my best friend." And then I started crying because it was so sweet. Her Daddy was actually there to hear it, which was the best part.

I'm re-reading Harry Potter and it's amazing.

My brother said he'd watch Aspen for Kev's birthday (in September) SO WE CAN GO TO A MOVIE. A movie that is brand-new! Are there any movies coming out that will actually be worth our first date in like, centuries?

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