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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow

Opening books the night before.
Mama sneakin' in for a bite.
It doesn't matter what I did to prepare for Aspen's rainbow party; Uncle Seth waltzed in with a HORSEY (and his dump truck). He wins. I lose. And I couldn't be happier.

Since we only know a few people in Salt Lake County, Aspen's party was perfectly petite. I made pancakes and served up a rainbow-colored fruit buffet before dishing out delectable, dairy-free cupcakes.

At his old job, Kev scored a free play kitchen that we saved in the cellar of the Pink House until Aspen's birthday, and Milo brought her more supplies for cooking and baking up a storm. Emilie, Yao and Jan brought a book that brings new meaning to interactive reading and of course, Seth trumped us all with the rocking horse he stashed in the garage when he arrived. Actually, his presence alone was present enough. Aspen was grumpy to every party guest who walked in when she saw they weren't her Uncle Seth.

This was a great birthday for me. I mean, I know it was Aspen's special day, but as her mom, I really enjoyed seeing her sparkling as she opened presents and giggled with Milo on the stairs. Also amazing was having Kev home until nap-time, when he was then called to an emergency job. I'm so grateful he didn't have to miss the party (and that I didn't have to do everything by myself).

Many thanks to our loved ones who made the journey to the western wilderness to celebrate our little Penny. Just think of yourselves as modern-day pioneers.


  1. Such great pictures Livia! And that horse... what little kid doesn't want a horse for their birthday?!?!? Such a cool uncle. I love your new hair style too, it looks great on you.

  2. I love your outfit. My boys would love that horse, what a great gift!


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