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Friday, August 03, 2012

The Church History Museum
Thank goodness for SueAnn! She's one of those friends who'll let you be 30 minutes late for a play date without making you feel badly about it. I did leave my house on time, but I didn't anticipate being clueless when it came to finding parking downtown so we could go to the Church History Museum. Just be impressed that I did not once get lost . Ok?
Is anyone else freaked out by how much Milo looks like his dad? Because I AM.
I don't think I've ever been to this museum, so I'm glad SueAnn suggested it. I'm also glad it's free, with the exception of parking. Note- just suck it up and park in City Creek, mmmk? Sure, it'll cost $2 for 2 hours but it's worth it. Plus, it will give you an excuse to stroll through the mall!
Mixing it up just like her DJ daddy used to.
It has been so nice living closer to SueAnn, especially since she's not only very forgiving about my tardiness, but very organized. Which means she has a plan to visit lots of fun and free/cheap places this summer and she's going to let me and Aspen tag along. Wee! Also, she doesn't get mad when I always give Milo an Oreo (Aspen CANNOT be denied an after-lunch Oreo, so I always have some with me).

Here's to making the most of living in Salt Lake County.

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