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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The week Aspen asked for a sister. Twice.

Aspen and I went back to Ogden last week to visit a brand-new baby. We stopped at Vintage Cupcake on 25th street for some treats (and Great Harvest for a free slice!) and made our way to Miss Meliss' house.

I had seen photos of baby M, but I was still not prepared for her to be so beautiful. Her skin and hair are perfection and when she sleeps with her mouth slightly open I about die from the cute.

Whenever we spend time with Milo and Ella, Aspen says she wants to have a little sister. When I ask her where we get one, she says that "this one!" (referring to Ella) will do. I'm really glad she's okay with us borrowing other people's babies because I'm not ready to go through postpartum again. However, seeing Aspen be polite and soft and kind to the babies we hang out with is encouraging. She's old enough to be helpful, and to listen.

Miss M-to the-lo looks a lot like her daddy right now, with the cutest button nose I've ever seen. I'm so glad she "GOT OUT!" as Aspen says, and that we were able to meet her and cuddle her and and chat with her mama.

And I'm really glad we're going to see her again this week, too.

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