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Friday, August 10, 2012

Two brown horses

There's a Signing Time video that teaches farm animals and for a few weeks it was the only one I rented from the Ogden Library. Aspen would head-bang every time I sang the farm song to her, and it was seriously her favorite for months.

SueAnn suggested we take the kids to Wheeler Farm since it's completely free, and I didn't tell Aspen we were going until the day before. The morning of, she threw a fit because she said she's scared of horses. Which, yes, is true (when we took her to meet a horse for the first time in Maine I thought she was going to pass out from terror). But I cajoled her into going with me because MILO!! and BABY ELLA!! would be there too.

The geese sufficiently scared the daylights out of Aspen, but when the baby gosling came along she softened a bit. I was happy to remove her from my hip so I could watch her enjoy it from a better perspective. My friend Melissa described Aspen well when she called her a spider monkey. That kid knows how to hang on for dear life.

Please note that Milo is stomping in a poop puddle in the distance.
Aspen is telling Milo that she bought her shoes from the store. Code for "stop touching the little monkey on my shoes, Milo, and get your own."

Milo managed to step in poop not once, but twice. The first time was totally my fault since SueAnn left him in my care while she got Ella situated in the baby carrier. And it was only a puddle of poopy watery stuff. The second time was just a freak accident since neither of us happened to be looking while Milo found a cow patty the size of a dinner plate. He's such a good kid though, and didn't move a muscle while he waited for me and SueAnn to figure out how to clean him off. We were directed to a hose and seriously, Milo was SO GOOD while I sprayed him down and wiped as much poop off his shoes/socks/legs as I could. I told SueAnn it was the best way the situation could've gone down. It's not like anybody ate poop, so that's a perk.

Even though it was about 90 degrees, we stayed cool in the shade. The kids were so happy to be running around and exploring. Aspen was scared every other time we saw a new animal, but she did a lot better than I anticipated. I guess I'd be scared too if a rooster the same size as me suddenly showed up less than a foot away. When she warmed up to an animal, she'd say "hi (insert animal name here) I'm Aspen!"

My mom will be happy to see that in this photo, Aspen is neither hyperventilating nor crying with fear. She observed the horses from a safe distance and seemed to like her encounter much better this time around.

Wheeler Farm is really gorgeous, and I'm so glad we spent the morning there. The playground is a little big for kids Milo's and Aspen's size, but the shaded picnic area is amazing. If we ever do family pictures, I'm hauling a photographer there. The green spaces are plentiful, and I think it'd be sweet to have a random goose/rooster/duck wandering through our photos.

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