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Friday, September 14, 2012

A goat licked my finger.

With our recent colds, I feel like we've been on lock-down. I decided that since Aspen was no longer leaking snot from her nose, the two of us should take another trip to Wheeler Farm.
Unfortunately, she screamed when I turned her stroller toward the horses. All morning she kept saying she was going to give the horses big hugs and kisses. And I kept encouraging her. But the moment she faced one of them, she totally lost it. It was a little funny when she started yelling, "I don't want to see the horsey! Let's go see the pigs instead!" But I tried not to laugh. Too much.

I'm afraid to ask what happened to the giant, fat pigs from our last visit. All we saw this time around were two itty-bitty piggies.

By the time we worked our way through the whole farm and were wandering back to eat our lunch, Aspen protested every photograph I tried to take. I would make the mistake of stopping the stroller to get a shot and she would yell, "No pit-tures!" I dunno, I guess she was afraid of the rooster? Who was the size of a kitten?

Regardless of how terrifying the farm was, we had a good lunch and then sat together on the edge of the playground while Aspen ate a cookie for 20 minutes. It was a beautiful day and I'm pretty sure we didn't infect anyone with our colds.

Next time we go, I want a tour of the gorgeous, restored farmhouse. And I want to make Aspen touch a horse!


  1. It looks like a really fun place. At least no poop up to the ankle accidents today, ha ha.

  2. She was so scared she barely got out of her stroller! I think only the bunnies and piglets enticed her to get unbuckled. But at least we did avoid poop.

  3. Where is wheeler farm? It sounds familiar. It made me laugh Aspens comment about the horse & wanting to see the pigs instead. Glad you were able to get out & do something fun.

  4. It's off 900 E and 6600 S in SLC, and it's super-amazing b/c it's free!

  5. I really want to take my boys to a farm. Fun!

  6. LOVE these photos and i'm glad you guys were able to get out for a while and enjoy the fresh air (well, maybe not super fresh at the farm...) hope you're on the mend!

  7. Thanks Mary! I feel awesome, but Aspen is still a little.. eh. But yes, being outside and at the SCARY FARM was wonderfully refreshing. It only smells like poop a little bit.


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