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Monday, September 17, 2012

A stroke of luck.

Aspen's new sleeping arrangements are going well. Some nights she sleeps on her floor, other nights she sleeps in her bed. She did roll out the first night, but she went right back to sleep after I scooped her up off the floor and laid her back in bed.

Unfortunately, she did rip a big-girl book early one morning, but other than that she hasn't had any problems with free reign of her room. I'm pretty sure she just sits on the bed or the floor-bed until I come to get her. Sometimes I have the baby monitor on "voice-activated" mode and it doesn't always pick up the sounds she makes and I imagine she's up a long time (and bored) before she ever gets into mischief. So I have to train myself to switch the monitor to "on" and listen for indications that she's up and about.

Also, at SueAnn's suggestion I bought a GloWorm for Aspen. It was initially going to be a substitute for her binky, but she's obviously not ready for that yet. Thankfully, GloWorm has managed to scare away the imaginary dog that Aspen used to complain about having in her room every night. So that's good. I'm noticing she favors the binky in one side of her mouth (she only has it for naps and bedtime) and the teeth on that side haven't descended evenly with the others. I know we need to get rid of that thing soon, but I don't want it to be a battle. I shouldn't have tried to take it away at the same time I converted her crib to a daybed. That was too much change at once.

So I'll attempt binky removal another day. Perhaps we'll make plans to visit one of our baby friends and explain that the new little baby needs all the binkys. And Aspen will get something else in return. Like a Caillou doll or something (I can just see her head exploding at the awesomeness of having a Caillou doll).


  1. Bring the binky over! -Meliss and Marlowe

  2. So fun she's in a big girl bed & sounds like she's doing good with it.

  3. @melissss!! Yeah, I was thinking we should "give" the binkies to Marlowe, especially since Aspen saw that Marlowe has a purple one just like hers. I'm going to try cutting the tips first and let Aspen make her own decision regarding their usefulness.

    @jen, I was so worried Aspen would figure out how to reach her bedroom door and come get me up wicked early in the mornings, but so far so good! Next up, potty training. AHH!

  4. I would highly recommend buying a guard rail. I bought mine at Walmart for 19.99. It has helped Jesse tremendously stay in bed in more ways then one. He kept falling out while sleeping and with nothing in the way he would just get in and out of bed to his hearts content. BTW I love your previous post. I too am all about comfy with trying to steer clear of sloppy. :)

  5. She rolled out for the second time today, so I might get a rail. We'll see if there's enough room though, because her bed is currently wedged right up next to her bookshelf.


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