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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daddy-daughter time

Aspen and Kev didn't see each other for three days last week, so they had some catching up to do. It's still so difficult to say goodbye to Kev on Friday and know Aspen won't see him again until Monday night after work (if he's able to get home before her bedtime).

Even I don't really see him either because he'll get home when I'm asleep and then leave again in the morning before I get up (am I lazy, or what?!). When he is home, I don't usually dictate what Kev should do with Aspen. It's almost like, any time together is quality time together. So let them watch Thomas! Let Kev fall asleep on Aspen's bedroom floor while she pretends to read books to him! Who cares as long as they're in the same room together?

I'm really looking forward to that imaginary day Kev is planning to take off for his birthday so we can go to the zoo.

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  1. I really wish you lived closer and that we had had an opportunity to get to know one another before you moved. I completely understood and am in the midst of the same situation. It is difficult to rarely see your husband and even more so for your children to not see their daddy. I get that he is out doing all that he can for us, but to my children they have no idea. So days that daddy is home are dedicated to family time. When you are down here next we should do a play date.


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