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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Forget diamonds, sparkly shoes are a girl's best friend.

Upon opening the package, Aspen's disappointment was evident all over her face.

"Where's the present? No cloooothes!!"

She pushed the box off her lap and stuck out her bottom lip.

"Aspen, this IS the present. Grandma Gail sent you some clothes, and did you see the pair of shoes?"

"Where's shoooooes?!"

I tipped the package over so its contents spilled onto the bed beside her. She pushed aside the leggings and shirts until she came across a sparkly shoe.

"I do it myself!"

I let her struggle with the shoes for a moment before offering to help. By then she'd also discovered a leopard-print headband in the pile of clothes and wanted help putting that on as well.

"Look at my headband! Look at my headband!"

She was content to pester the dog and walk around in her new shoes until nap time. I knew we'd have a problem if I suggested taking the shoes off before climbing into her bed to read, so I didn't say anything. After a few books, I asked if we could take off her shoes during her rest time.

"Nooooo!!" accompanied by much flailing of feet, Aspen made it clear that she would be wearing her shoes during her nap.

Can't say I blame her.


  1. She is so, cute! it was a fun post to read.

  2. #1 Aspen is looking like a little KID, holy cow!
    #2 ADORABLE second picture :)
    #3 I wish they sold adult sizes of little girl shoes because they are so much funner than what we get.

  3. hahaha these pictures are adorable :) yay for sparkly shoes, and animal print headbands!

  4. How cute is this post?! Absolutely adorable!!
    xo TJ


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