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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How 'bout tickle my bum?

Aspen is a cuddle-bug. She is especially a sucker for "tickles." Not the kind that make you laugh until you pee your pants, but the kind that give you goosebumps and make you feel all warm and fuzzy (I guess peeing your pants can do that, too).

Kev and Aspen were playing crayons together one night last week and in order to trick her into cleaning up, I told Aspen I'd give her tickles if she put everything away. So she dutifully stacked all her crayons in the box and stashed all the paper away too. She hopped onto my belly and let me squish her fat little thighs and rub her soft baby skin.

And then, of course, she threw a tantrum for an hour and a half and wouldn't go to bed until 10pm. WITH MY PILLOW. It didn't even seal the deal, either. It was like, oh hey, I'm having a freak attack and your pillow won't make me stop but taking it away will make it worse. So I surrendered. And I tried to remember those tickle moments from earlier in the evening to help me forget the wrath of the two-year-old.

OH, ASPEN! Love you!

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