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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How do you set fire to the rain, anyway?

Can we talk about Aspen's face here? Yes? Let's! She was so mad at me because I couldn't figure out what she meant when she requested the "fire" song. What is the fire song? Is it a song about firemen? Is it from a TV show? A commercial? A dream? No. No. No. No. It is, once again, Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain." DUH, MOM.

Once I plugged in my iPod and turned up the correct music, Aspen was happy. Until I started singing and then she yelled "NO SINGING, MOMMY!" Rude. I'm a good singer!

Aspen was actually so mad at me for singing along and then continually playing the "wrong songs" after Adele that she told me she didn't want to go to the library. Who is this child?! Certainly not mine! Once we got inside, though, and she was able to return our books on the futuristic conveyor belt, she decided we could stay a while.

She's much too smart because after I got her back into the car and we were heading home, she asked me where the french fry store is. Apparently she remembered me asking her if she wanted to stop and get french fries on the way home. She didn't answer me when I originally posed this question, but she must have retained it for later use. So we drove to the french fry store and got her a Happy Meal with a weird Madame Alexander doll in it. CREEPY.

But at least the french fries were good.

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  1. Seriously, I am laughing right now because I can relate. Jesse is way too smart for his age and remembers everything. When a song comes on and I sing he to tells me to stop, however, a few times I have had to choke back sobs of laughter when I began to sing and Jesse yelled, "Stop. This is my song!" LOL


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