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Thursday, September 06, 2012

It's really fun to fix up someone else's house.

When Kev came home and saw that I had put one coat of paint up in the laundry/half bathroom, he was pretty surprised. Unfortunately, the dryer was sitting in the middle of the living room so he kind of suspected what I'd been up to. But remember how proud I was? Well, Kev was pretty proud of me too. He didn't offer any "constructive criticism," which we all know is just a nice way of telling someone they did something wrong.

It's a shame we didn't have more of an exciting transformation though. The walls just went from white to a brownish color, which looks more like newborn-poop than I thought it would. Oh well. At least the coverage is even, right?

When Kev has time, he'll install the new vanity (pictured above) and our landlord is supposed to bring us a toilet. Or I suppose we could re-install the one that's been sitting on the side of the house for the last month. Maybe?

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  1. Nice Job Liv! Your bathroom is gonna be fabulous!


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