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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labor Day

Big Bear Park is a short walk from my brother's so we ventured over on Labor Day to let the dogs run. And let Aspen swing for half an hour. That kid loves to swing. The great thing about this mature park is all the trees shading the perimeter. So you can sit on the benches or the edge of the playground and watch your kid play while staying in the shade.

Or, if your Aspen's Daddy or Uncle Seth, you can push her on the swings until she falls out. It's all good.

As part of our plans (which extended only to playing at the park and eating food together) we went to Farr's Fresh and sampled their newest flavors. I, of course, was limited to the two lactose-free options but it's okay. I'll pretend I don't miss chocolate and vanilla custard.

I just love love love watching Aspen and my older brother hang out. At first she was terrified of his summer buzz-cut, but now she likes to rub his head for tickles.

Aspen took a nap at Seth's while Kev and I drove around to look at random houses for sale. There are some possibilities now, but who knows what will be available when our lease in WJ is up? We're pretty committed though; I climbed up onto a second-story deck to look in the windows of a sad house around the corner from Seth. It'd be nice if it weren't next door to a hoarder. We're talking trash bags piled up in the backyard while cats wandered through it. It'd be nicer still if all the new construction on it had actually been finished before the house was repossessed.

I'm exhausted just thinking about house-hunting again. When looking for places in Sandy, it became clear that we're probably going to take an unconventional route to home-ownership; half the city is under foreclosure. That makes finding information on a house, and finding a house that isn't in disrepair (in our price range) very difficult. We're going to have to be extremely diligent in our search and commit to yet another fixer-upper.

Oh gee, I'm really looking forward to it.

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