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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Lullabye, and good night.

There was a little resistance on Wednesday when nap time approached. I took Aspen's mattress out of her crib and plopped it on the middle of her floor. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. I provided her with some books, her usual arsenal of stuffed animals, and a kiss on the cheek.

"It's time to have a rest, Aspen, okay? I'll come get you in a little while and we'll do something fun!"

"Okay, Mama."

Within the hour, silence was all that could be heard through the baby monitor. Could it be? Was this a successful nap?! Indeed. And almost three hours from the time I left her, she started talking to herself and signaled that she was ready to leave her room.

Kev was working in Ogden that night, so I knew I'd be tackling bedtime alone again. I pushed the mattress over to the lowered crib rail and lined it with stuffed animals. We sat together and read stories there before I turned on her reading lamp, tucked her in and said goodnight. I told her I'd come get her in the morning when she woke up, and she blew me kisses as I left the room.

And just like that, she went to bed. A couple of hours later I crept in to turn off the light and then went to bed myself, feeling triumphant. Aspen awoke as usual the next morning and even spent half an hour sitting on her mattress reading while I went downstairs to get breakfast ready. She was happy to come down when she was ready and join me at the table to eat.

I don't know how we'll fare the rest of the week, but I'm optimistic that I'll survive the transition from crib to big-girl bed.


  1. Hi five! I am totally nervous for this transition and even though Bryan keeps assuring me that it will be fine I am putting it off until at least Christmas. Good to know that Aspen is doing so well so maybe E has a little hope.

  2. The anticipation was the worst part. Aubrey did great, and it sounds like Aspen will too. But keep a child proof doorknob on hand just in case! We had a night or two that we had to just make her stay in!


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