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Monday, September 17, 2012

Mama Style

I've been thinking lately about how important it is to feel good. For me, it's easy to start with what I'm wearing. When your daily activities usually include playgrounds, libraries and lots of food-spilling, it can be easy to settle on something "comfortable." But why does "comfortable" have to equal "sloppy?"

There are little things I can do to ensure that I look and feel put together every day. Even if Aspen is the only person who sees me dressed up and ready for the day, it makes a difference. Instead of just wearing jeans and a tee, why not wear colored denim? Why not wear a tee that fits and has a little embellishment?

Good style doesn't have to be expensive, and it doesn't have to be too fussy for stay-at-home moms. Let us commit to ditching the frumpy and embracing the fabulous! I want to make this a regular feature here, so will you let me know if it's something you're interested in, too?

top: Downeast Basics // red skimmer jeans: GAP // leopard print flats: Target, similar here.


  1. Love it! I have actually been thinking about starting a blog that relates to this exactly... maybe I will call you soon and pick your brain about it???

  2. love this!

    i have those shoes too -- i love them, but do they hurt your heel? they hurt mine. and yet, beauty is pain and i still wear them all the time!

  3. They don't hurt my heel at all, but since my feet are kind of wide at the toes, any flats can get uncomfortable for me if I wear them all day. So I only wear these for a few hours at a time and then call it good!


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