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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Put an owl on it!

Nikki invited me to the "What a Woman Wants" expo in Sandy, and since I was planning to spend the whole weekend there at my brother's it worked out perfectly. I'm always amazed, though, at how full the back of my SUV gets when I pack for Aspen, Maddie and myself to go to Seth's. But whatever. I loaded up the car and then dropped the bags and the dog at Seth's so Aspen and I could meet Nikki and Eva at the expo center.

Nikki found us free tickets online, so I kind of decided to buy something since we saved on admission. Sounds reasonable, right? I got Aspen the Signing Time DVD I planned to get her for Christmas, and got it cheaper than online + shipping. SUPER AWESOME! Now we can watch Leah's Farm 100 times and then it'll mysteriously disappear and I'll re-gift it to her at Christmas. Best. Mom. Ever.

For myself, I purchased an owl locket. I know, I know. Owls are super-trendy right now. But I don't actually own anything with an owl on it. Since Nikki bought something from the same vendor, we each got our items 50% off. So. Yeah. WORTH IT.

I didn't realize it, but the show comes through Sandy a few time a year. Maybe next time I can go without Aspen because she likes to touch everything and eat all the free samples instead of lunch. I actually told her that taffy is "yucky" and wouldn't give her any because I was tired of her eating sticky candy and then rubbing her hands in her hair and on feather earrings at various booths. I don't need feather earrings!

Good thing I got that Signing Time video to make up for being a candy nazi.

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  1. Haha that was fun! I love the necklace you chose !!


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