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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remembering to be grateful.

I try to remember that I'm the winner here. I get to watch Aspen grow up. I get to eat pop-iss-cals on the front porch before dinner. I get to listen to her talk all. day. long. I get to hear her (through the baby monitor) singing and reading to herself when she's having "a rest" her in room.

I get to spend the weekend at my brother's while Kev is working in Ogden. I get to see Uncle and Niece interact like best buddies. I get to feed Aspen pizza two meals in a row and not feel guilty about it because I know tomorrow it'll be something else.

I get to watch Aspen ring around the rosie until she's wobbling with dizziness. I get to play trains and magnetic dress-up-dolls and read Martha Stewart Living with her at the dinner table.

So while it may be exhausting to be the only one watching, at least I am. At least I'm here.


  1. Way to look at it from a different perspective. I need to remember that outlook sometimes.

  2. Thank you for that reminder. I truly needed it today. :)


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