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Friday, September 07, 2012

The worst place to be if you're terrified of birds.

I had another Groupon for the Tracy Aviary, so SueAnn and I used it with the kids in last week. Last time Aspen and I went (with Kev and my sister, Sophia) she had a blast. This time? Not so much.

Aspen didn't want to get out of her stroller and look at much, but I had a blast letting a toucan jump across my arms. IT JUMPED ACROSS MY ARMS! All for a blueberry! Aspen talked about peacocks and owls all week prior to actually getting to the Aviary and seeing them. Then she kept crying and yelling "I'M SCARED!" So... yeah.

But whatever! I had a lot of fun seeing all the beautiful birds and being outside and spending time with friends. Kids are free until they're three years old, so maybe we'll try again with big, strong Daddy to protect Aspen from owls the size of cotton balls.

It is making me rethink my plans to visit the zoo this month. If she can't handle birds, how will be react to seeing a LION?!


  1. No need to worry. Hogle Zoo doesn't even have a lion.

  2. The pic with her hands over her eyes is still making me chuckle! She has such a cute personality!!! And holy crap you do so much fun stuff!!! I swear you're always out doing something! I need to be better and take my kids to stuff.

  3. Yea, every week SueAnn and I take the kids somewhere- whether a free activity or something really inexpensive. It keeps me from being really depressed about knowing absolutely no one in West Jordan.


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