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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A lunch date.

I woke up Monday morning and didn't have any plans for the day. Usually that only happens when I'm feeling really depressed about living in West Jordan and having no friends, but this day it was just a matter of me being kind of lazy and not planning something in advance.

While Aspen ate breakfast and chatted up a storm, I slipped in a suggestion that we visit the Aquarium. It's getting colder, so I wanted to do something inside (our rental isn't exactly warm right now). Aspen threw a fit about wanting to see owls at the Aviary, but I kept suggesting we not do that. Because it's COLD OUTSIDE.

I'm glad I won the argument. But really, I'm the one buying the admission ticket, so I pretty much get to win every time. Even though it was Columbus Day, the Aquarium wasn't super-packed. We had a great view of all the exhibits, and the otters were especially playful when we stopped by.

It took some convincing, but I finally got Aspen to leave with me for lunch. And then I had the bright idea to call Kev and see if he could take his lunch break with US!! The Aquarium is only a few minutes from Kev's office, so we grabbed our lunch and met him there to eat together. Aspen hadn't seen Kev since Sunday morning, so she was really excited. Okay, maybe she was mostly excited about the chocolate shake she was going to share with him. But once we got to his office she pounced on him (not the shake) and gave him hugs and kisses. So Daddy beat the shake.

It was a great day, and I look forward to moving to Sandy as soon as possible so there will be more lunch dates in our future.

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