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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

An unhealthy obsession

When Kev and I were house-hunting way back in 2008 we didn't have very strict requirements. We were thrilled at the prospect of moving out of our little apartment and into something with a real yard for our dog. I looked online at hundreds and hundreds of listings (REALLY!!) and Kev repeatedly told me we couldn't live in this or that neighborhood because we would be killed dead.


It was a rough search. We didn't work with a realtor, and we had a small budget. But, thankfully, small budgets go a long way in Ogden because OGDEN IS AWESOME.

I stumbled upon a house not far from the parkway, and only a few houses down from friends who had not yet been killed dead in that particular neighborhood. We visited the little, pink house, poked around the snow-filled yard and peeked into all the windows. We also found a small glass bong buried in the snow on the driveway. But that's okay!

The Pink House was by no means a dream home. It is small and it required a lot a lot a lot of work. But when we walked through it with an agent, I knew I wanted it. I wanted it more than any other place we had considered.

I find myself in that predicament again. There is a new development in Sandy that is so perfect I ache for it. The neighborhood is close enough to my brother's that we can see him all the time, but not close enough that Aspen will think she can walk there and in reality get hit by a car or snatched up by a crazy person. It's close enough to Kev's work that he could bike to the office (they use company cars once at work). It is minutes from the library, I-15, Trax and every other part of "down town" Sandy with which I'm already familiar.

Seth and I walked through the model home a few weeks ago (which is WAY beyond what we would even pretend we could afford/need) but I loved the details. I even like the small lots because, let's be real, I'm not known for my yard maintenance.

However, the only way we could afford even the smallest model (1350sq ft) would be if we gave up buying groceries and paying off my student loans. We'd also probably have to cancel our cell phones and go without electricity too.

It's heart-breaking.

As I've scoured the Internet for rentals or homes that we can consider when our West Jordan lease is up, I've been met with nothing. When I do think I've found a ridiculously small and over-priced rental that could work well location-wise, I find out they don't even allow fish as pets, let alone dogs.

So then I find myself randomly driving by this new development in Sandy, hoping the builders get desperate and slash prices next year in an attempt to sell lots. It could happen, right?


  1. looking for houses when you dont have a big budget is super depressing, it was literally lets check out this dump and then we will proceed to the next dump. I truely believe heavenly father had this place set up for us the whole time and we are so blessed to have gotten it. Don't fret too much I believe heavenly father has a place you guys (and your dog) too, just ask him for help and patience :)

  2. It's ridiculous!! And if we had this budget in Ogden we'd be fine. But in SL County it's a joke.

  3. It was so fun to have you here today. I really hope you find something that will be perfect for you guys. You need to be able to enjoy Kevin's new job too. :)


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