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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

here and there

 making dinner // waiting for daddy

 wearing a hoodie too small // a colorful yard

 colors of autumn // dragonflies

 new pillow // the $10 duvet cover that led me to accidentally buy new pillows // ikea butterflies
 a morning spent at the park


  1. Love the duvet cover & new pillows. I want to get Bailee a table & chairs from Ikea its just so dang far & we are never out that way.

  2. Aspen is such a cutie! I love the duvet, how did you score it for $10?

  3. It was in the "As-Is" section at IKEA. I was digging around in the fabrics and found this gem. I only wish I'd been able to locate the other matching pillow case... only one wasn't going to cut it!


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