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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mama Style - Guest Blogger Jess

When I started thinking about this series, I thought about other women I know and how they, too, can inspire. I certainly can't give advice that will work for everyone, so I asked different mamas to contribute. Some are working mothers, some mostly stay home. Some have a newborn for the first time, others are doing it a third. Today's guest blogger is Jess. At different times, we were both members of a small LDS branch in Yarmouth, Maine. Our paths crossed through that connection, and we became blog-friends who have occasionally gotten together in real life.
Hey, my name is Jess! My family consists of me (duh), Josh (my hilarious husband), Henry (my adorable child), and Jay-Z (the lovable feline). When I'm not super busy working full time as an Environmental Scientist, or chasing around my 10 month old baby, sometimes I blog. I was thrilled when Liv asked me to participate in her Mama Style series, as it gives me a good push to get my blogging in gear!

My personal style can be called eclectic. Modern, vintage,'s all good! A common theme in my clothing is lots of bright colors and patterns. I'm all about the color, and I have been known to appreciate a good animal print :) One of my signature styles is "crazy pants". While I love regular jeans, I love colored and patterned jeans even more. Who says pants have to be boring, right?

I've decided to showcase some of my crazy pants today. I've built up my collection over the years, just adding fun pants when I come across them. The pairs I'm showing today I've bought from Alloy, Urban Outfitters, and H&M. My advice for finding crazy pants is to look at stores that you know you fit into their clothes, and like their style.

Whenever you wear crazy pants, make sure the rest of your outfit isn't too overwhelming. Wear simple tops, basic colors, and/or muted tones. You can amp up other elements such as jewelry and shoes, just as long as the overall picture isn't too cray cray ;)

Wearing these crazy pants always gives me a little boost, no matter what I'm doing or what else I'm wearing. It adds a fun element to the outfit! I highly recommend getting a few pairs.

And of course, your baby is always the best addition to any outfit! Now go get your crazy pants on, and lets have a parade! ;)

Jess, thanks so much for sharing  your crazy pants! This summer I bought my first pair of colored denim, and I've since added three more pairs once I realized how versatile and fun they really are. Maybe I'll soon be bold enough to try a print like you. Also, thanks for showing off Henry's cute face. Love him.

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