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Monday, October 22, 2012

Mama Style - Guest Blogger Melissa

When I started thinking about this series, I thought about other women I know and how they, too, can inspire. I certainly can't give advice that will work for everyone, so I asked different mamas to contribute. Some are working mothers, some mostly stay home. Some have a newborn for the first time, others are doing it a third. Today's guest blogger is Melissa, who I met when she waltzed into a Pilates class I was teaching in 2009. We've been friends ever since.

I am a 26 year old married woman who has many "homes" as I have traveled a lot; my style has influence from all over the country. I am a mom to one baby daughter, Marlowe, who is a tiny two months old. So, yeah. Welcome to a whole new world, me, and not the kind on Aladdin. The kind of world where your clothes have either poop, pee, or puke on them and you find sticky stuff in your hair. I have a wonderful husband, two cats, and a pup.
These are maternity clothes!
What makes me feel fabulous as a mama? High heels. You can still wear them and breastfeed, calm a crying baby, or push a stroller. Do they have to be 4 inches high, stripper-style? Of course not! A mere inch or so can make you feel amazingly long and lean, and despite what others say--they aren't uncomfortable. Another thing that makes me feel better about myself is wearing things that fit. It sounds simple, but trying to cram myself in my size 2 jeans at this point doesn't make me feel good. Wearing my skinny, low-panel maternity jeans DOES make me feel good. They fit, they look normal, and I look so much better. I have to accept myself where I am, body-image-wise, and this is it. I might as well embrace it.

Meliss, thanks for sharing and including such a key point-- FIT. No matter how on-trend an outfit is, it will not look or feel good unless it fits! So what if it takes months to fit back into per-pregnancy jeans? It took time to gain the baby weight, and it will take time to lose it.

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