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Monday, October 01, 2012

Mama Style - L.L. Bean

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I come from the town that invented L.L. Bean. Okay, what I mean is that L.L. Bean's flagship store is based in Freeport, where I'm from. I always thought it was just a fishing store. I mean, they sell great boots and will replace them when they wear out even if it's after 20 years of use in a canoe.

But when I started going back to visit my parents after college, I realized that L.L. Bean is actually pretty amazing when it comes to regular apparel. The point? L.L.Bean isn't just for your grandpa anymore. I mean, yes, I have a fluffy down vest from L.L. Bean, but I also have cute polka-dot flats and floral, button-up tops from them as well.

So check out what L.L. Bean has, and let it be noted they have free shipping ALL THE TIME and an amazing warranty. If their clothes can stand up to the great outdoors, then they can definitely stand up to your kids.

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