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Monday, October 08, 2012

Mama Style

Kev suggested a trip to ROSS one night, so Aspen and I obliged. I mean, seriously. For one, he was on call (for work) which meant we got to have him home instead of working in Ogden all weekend. For two, it was the weekend following his birthday so we had to do something fun. And for three, I love shopping at ROSS and hadn't been for three months so I was game.

I scored a delicious, mustard yellow blouse which is perfect for fall. Being short-sleeved means I can layer it with other pieces in my wardrobe as the weather cools down.

When I browsed my own closet to see what to pair the top with, I immediately grabbed my plummy colored skirts. It just seemed right. And since the A/C is always on full-blast in my church building, I opted for the tweed J.Crew pencil skirt I snagged last spring at the outlet in Freeport.

Yellow and purple make sense together, right? Right. As for shoes... well, I admit I had a hard time deciding. Have you ever stood in front of your mirror wearing a different shoe on each foot? I probably spent about 10 minutes switching back and forth between purple and chocolate brown.

It was worth hopping back and forth on one foot though. I love how it turned out. What are your favorite colors for fall?

blouse: ROSS // skirt (old): J.Crew Outlet similar here and here // heels (old): Nine West via ROSS

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  1. gorgeeeeous!! i love the top, and the whole outfit! and yellow and purple are my favorite colors, so i approve this message ;)

  2. Oh, that's so nice! Love the style of that top paired with the pencil skirt! (and I just went to Ross too for the first time in a long time) :)


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