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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monster Mash

Artsy-Fartsy Mama posted yet another free printable that I snatched up. More-so than lately, Aspen and I have been isolated in our rental. Our friends who lived closest to us just moved, putting them about 45 minutes away. So that means pretty much everyone we know now lives about 45 minutes away. I'm sick to death of driving with a screaming kid in my car, so I thought it was time to teach Aspen how to play a matching game at home to keep us off the streets.

There are two pages to the printable, but since Aspen is so young, I thought one page would be enough. We played for about 20 minutes and I was impressed with how quickly she caught on. It's definitely something we can play every couple of days to keep from getting bored and resorting to too much TV. What are your plans to stay busy this winter? West Jordan doesn't seem to have any children's museums or activity centers of any kind, so I'm looking for lots of ideas!


  1. I like to do artsy stuff with Makai when we're bored and he loves it. Examples: Spread glue all over a paper and rip up another paper and let her glue on the scraps to create a collage. Playdoh. Buy some beads and pipe cleaners and let her thread them through to make bracelets or whatever (yesterday Makai made a snake lol). painting with a paintbrush or fingers on some paper. If she's into dress up hit up a thrift store, they have tons of Halloween costumes out right now and you could get some to use as dress up for cheap.

  2. Thats great she caught on so fast & what a fun activity for you guys to do. Im sorry your closest friends moved :( I hope you can find something to do in West Jordan.

  3. Aw that is totally cute and I would love to try this with my toddler! Bella mae loves games!

  4. I have pipe cleaners, and Aspen loves making shapes with them. I didn't think of letting her string beads on them, so thanks for that idea!

    We're big painters over here, so we got that one covered.

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