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Friday, October 26, 2012

Penny in a petite pumpkin patch

Wheeler Farm's Halloween festivities don't hold a candle to Black Island Farms in Syracuse. Thankfully, the outing was for Aspen, and not for me. She walked through the hay maze with Kev and enjoyed bossing him around ("DIS WAY! DAT WAY!") until we got bored and he led us out. And really, having Kev with us to do anything makes for a good time.

Aspen really didn't mind that the pumpkin patch was just a scattering of small pumpkins (SueAnn warned me!) and she scampered around picking up one after another until we found the perfect buddy to take home.

It's nice that the farm is free, so after paying for the maze, pumpkin and wagon ride, we could still wander the rest of the farm and see animals to make the trip worth our while. Plus! We ran into Orion! (I managed to get him to accidentally photo-bomb below). He's an old friend from college, and I used to have him sit next to me while I did my math homework because he made me smarter. Seriously.

Aspen was not interested in the wagon ride, but we made her do it anyway. I think she eventually stopped whining in Kev's ear, and she might have enjoyed it for a minute.

I thought it was a perfect day to be outside, and the farm has some beautiful wooded areas I've never seen before. Like I said the first time I went, this is a great place for photos. I want to super-impose a picture of me, Kev and Aspen into this winding lane.

I'm hopeful we can find some other fun fall activities to do near us before it gets too cold. I wouldn't even mind going to another legit pumpkin patch. I really love to see the rows upon rows of pumpkins all growing from tangled vines.

At the very least, I'm grateful that even though Kev was on call, he didn't have to go in to work. We got to have him with us our entire outing and Aspen couldn't get enough of him.

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  1. That picture of Kevin watching Aspen play on the tractor is so cute. He is making such a sweet face. I think you should frame that one.


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