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Friday, October 26, 2012

Taylor Tots

Oh how I have missed SueAnn and her kids. It's not like we lived super-close before she moved, but now we're even farther apart. Thankfully, after a much-too-long-hiatus from each other, we were able to meet up earlier this week in Sandy at Scheels and let the kids run around and explore for a while.

Her husband helped with the development of this building, so she'd already had a sneak peek of this awesome outdoors store. Think Cabela's meets high-end boutique.

There's a ferris wheel (I think our kids are still too short for it), a miniature bowling alley, a virtual sports center, a play land, the amazing fish tank and lots of taxidermy. Aspen loved the DDR machine. Remember that being the most amazing thing? I knew loads of people in college who had their own and were freakin serious about it.

And lemme tell ya, these two kids kill me. I love love love watching them play and interact. Milo kept trying to get Aspen to wear a baseball cap and sunglasses like him. He wanted her to be a cool kid (he oozes cool, seriously) even though she was like, "I'd rather just sit on this bench and look at this dead bear."

Whenever I say we're going to meet up with friends, Aspen is always at first disappointed that it's not Milo and baby Ella. They are such sweet kids, and I'm so grateful we've had so much time with them! We're going to try figuring out a way to keep them close, despite the distance between us and the schedules we have to keep.

These little besties are the cutest.


  1. My husband would love this place. We may have to make a special trip there just to see all the fun sites. My boys would also love it.

  2. It's pretty awesome. There's a lot to do, and it's a lot closer than Cabela's.

  3. Those pictures of them are so adorable. Kids cheesing it is the cutest


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