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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who likes to rock the party?

We celebrated a fake Halloween this year. Not knowing anyone in the city of West Jordan, I didn't want to bother with trick or treating. Aspen doesn't like strangers and I didn't want to drag her around a neighborhood full of them just to get candy.

She totally dominated the lanes
But I'm not a TOTAL Scrooge! SueAnn invited us to attend her old ward's Halloween party in Murray, so I took her up on that offer. Aspen wasn't into getting dressed up in a costume, but she decided that wearing her "Tinkerbell dance outfit" was good enough for Halloween. Which was fine by me, because I didn't want to buy a costume she might only fit into once.

We enjoyed a huge sampling of chilis and rolls and cornbread (I should NOT have eaten the delicious rolls because my lactose-intolerant self was paying for it the next day) and Aspen played a few games with Kev until it was time to trunk or treat.

She fished for a bracelet with Daddy
They had this game that, in theory, sounds like a great idea. Everyone walks around numbered pumpkins while music is playing, and when the music stops a number is called. The winner gets a cupcake. My 2-year-old-cupcake-loving-child could NOT understand why she wasn't getting a cupcake.

She played for a very long time with just Kev, and then I took over to give him a break. I also cheated and stepped on two pumpkins myself while Aspen stepped on one. We still weren't winning. So she took matters into her own hands.

Obviously, she didn't feel too badly about me reprimanding her. In fact, I didn't really reprimand her. I just told her I was sorry she wasn't getting a stupid cupcake YET. The next round on those stupid pumpkins I ran across the circle to the vacant one called and tried to win that girl a sweet. When they wouldn't take my cheating as legit winning, they called another number... which was the one I had been standing on in the first place. And, thankfully, immediately following Aspen's win they just called out Milo's name and gave him a cupcake too.

It was fun being at SueAnn's old ward because our husbands have the same name (first and last). We arrived a little before they did and really enjoyed introducing ourselves. People just looked at us like, what? Who are you? And then they laughed and believed we were telling the truth about Kev's name.

The ward was so nice to us even though we were just crashing their party. It felt good to have people to talk with and to feel like we fit in. I can see why SueAnn misses it so much.

Naturally, SueAnn won the prize for best-decorated trunk and the Taylor Tots reveled in it in all their candy-filled glory. Milo actually snatched a spit-covered lollipop out of Aspen's hands and tried to shove it in his own mouth... I think the cupcake had kicked in by that point and he was quite feisty.

It was a great night for the party because it had warmed up after all the snow and rain we'd received during the week. I couldn't have planned it better myself! And really, any chance to get together with good friends is welcome. SueAnn and I like to complain to each other a little bit about how much we each miss our old lives and it's a relief that no one says, "BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE!" Like we don't already know that! In all seriousness, it's just nice to have someone understand and be willing to listen about how difficult it can be to move a mere 45 minutes south of where you used to live.

AND AS ALWAYS I was so happy Kev was with us (and he wasn't on-call for work!). I know Aspen also loves having him around so much more now that he's done with our Ogden house. She'll randomly say things like, "Daddy is home!!" when he's been sitting next to her for the last ten minutes playing. When we sit down to eat meals together she'll yell "DADDY, DO YOU WANT TO EAT WIF US TOOOOOO?" like it's the coolest thing ever that he's there and he eats too. So yes, I'm being grateful for what I have.

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