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Saturday, November 24, 2012

An adventure with Aspen's "fwends."

Amanda and I were fortunate that the day before Thanksgiving was BEAUTIFUL. We carpooled in to SLC to let the kids run around in City Creek and enjoy some sunshine. It was just a little windy, but part of the mall is enclosed now for the season, and it was especially nice in there. I haven't been since they closed the roof/doors and I was super-confused when we came up from the parking garage. I was like, ummm? Wall? What? Has this always been here?

When Aspen gets to pal around with other kids, I FEEL SO HAPPY. She sings songs, she dances, she laughs and she learns to share/get pushed around and deal with it. It's a joy to watch. These three amigos had a wonderful time looking for the Trax, seeing fish in the water, and walking along the lines in the sidewalks.

City Creek was all dressed up for Christmas and we enjoyed looking at trees, ornaments and maybe stealing fake cranberries off stuff. At least my kid didn't put the bite marks in that one... they were already there!

They have what I think is a free Santa booth (actually, a lantern with Santa in it. Why?) by the food court but since Aspen is TERRIFIED of beards (sorry Aaron!) we didn't even look in the general direction of the big man. We gobbled up sack lunches/stole snacks from each other in the food court and pretended Jolly Ol' St. Nick doesn't exist. Speaking of which, how weird do you think it is that Kev and I aren't going to teach Aspen about Santa? I mean, we're not going to refrain from ever mentioning him, but we aren't going to tell her that if she's a good little girl, a fat man in a red suit will sneak into her house and leave her toys. Let that be a warning to keep your kids away from mine if you're dead-set on them believing in Santa. ASPEN WILL RUIN IT! Also, remember how she's really really really scared of beards? Yeah, I don't need her having nightmares that a guy with a beard sees her while she's sleeping.

One of my favorite parts of our day was the drive back when all the kids were scream-singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in the back seat of the truck. And when Gaius didn't want to sing his song about a man in a hat, Aspen made one up for us.


  1. This looks like so much fun. I haven't been up there since they decorated for Christmas! That's funny about the fear of beards. I had a co-worker who's little girl was TERRIFIED of Santa (she even related santa=Satan because of the similar letters haha) so it got to the point where she had to tell her he wasn't real so she could sleep at night.
    Thanks for the cyber Monday tips! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  2. I truly believe it's in Aspen's best interests that she doesn't think Santa is real. I mean, we talk about him, but seriously. When we decorated for Christmas, she said "I DON'T WANT SANTA TO COME!" So, yeah.


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